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Pearls Collection

Pearl jewelry on the high street is usually quite boring for me, or at least outdated. Pearls are soft and warm on the skin. They are sensuous objects and it comes to me naturally to stage them that way. Opulent mutiple row flowing necklaces where pearls often are mixed with gemstones or Japanese beads, romantic creations, large cuff bracelets or poetic and intrigated ones. Each of my pearl creations is unconventional in style and always unique.
I only use natural pearls for my creations: freshwater, Tahitian, South Seas, Keishi. I prefer baroque shapes and rare colors. Mother-of-pearl or seashells are a beautiful source of inspiration too.
Living close to Carlsbad in California, I attended a class at the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) to broaden my knowledge about pearls and be able to understand their value.

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